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1PC Water Gun And Blaster Toy For Kids

1PC Water Gun And Blaster Toy For Kids

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  • A water gun and blaster toy for kids is a popular and exciting outdoor play item that provides children with a fun way to cool down and engage in active play.
  • Here's a description of a water gun and blaster toy and how kids can enjoy playing with it.
  • Design and Size: A water gun and blaster toy typically have a brightly colored, plastic design with a trigger mechanism for shooting water. They come in various sizes and styles, ranging from small handheld water guns to larger blaster models with bigger water capacity.

  • Water Reservoir: The toy features a water reservoir that can be filled with water. Depending on the size and model, the reservoir may be located at the top, back, or bottom of the water gun. Some models have transparent reservoirs, allowing kids to see the water level.

  • Shooting Mechanism: The water gun or blaster is equipped with a pump or pressurization system that propels the water when the trigger is pulled. The shooting distance and power vary based on the design and pump pressure.

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