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1 Pcs 50ml Refillable Transparent Flip Cap Lotion Pouch

1 Pcs 50ml Refillable Transparent Flip Cap Lotion Pouch

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  1. Compact and Portable: The 50ml capacity makes this pouch an ideal travel companion. Slip it into your purse, backpack, or toiletry bag for convenient access to your favorite lotions and liquids while on the move.

  2. Transparent Design: Easily identify the contents of the pouch with its transparent design. This feature not only adds a modern touch but also allows you to monitor the remaining product levels.

  3. Flip Cap for Easy Dispensing: The flip cap design ensures controlled dispensing of lotions and liquids without the risk of spills. Simply flip open the cap, squeeze the desired amount, and snap it shut for mess-free use.

  4. Refillable and Reusable: Reduce waste and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle by refilling this pouch with your preferred lotions, creams, or hand sanitizers. The durable materials ensure long-lasting use.

  5. Leak-Proof Seal: The secure flip cap and leak-proof seal guarantee that your liquids stay contained, preventing accidental leaks and preserving the integrity of your belongings.

  6. Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of skincare and hygiene products, this pouch is perfect for hand sanitizer, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and more. It's a versatile solution for all your travel-sized liquid needs.

  7. Easy to Clean: The pouch is easily cleaned between uses, ensuring that you can switch between products without worry. The materials are resistant to common skincare and hygiene ingredients.

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